Oct 2013

Suunto to Nike Plus Uploader

I used to run with nike plus system and got all my runs saved there. I also use SmashRun to analyze my runs which syncs to Nike Plus. Then I bought this great watch: Suunto Quest Running Pack. It uploads only to it’s own website Movescount.com.

So I decided to write a tool to convert my Suunto moves into Nike Plus runs. I run it everytime I sync with Movescount.com via the Moveslink application. It will automatically collect all new moves and upload them all into my Nike Plus account. Then I can see them on my iPhone’s Nike Running app or SmashRun website.

If you need it, you can find it here:

Suunto2Nike Releases

Also, I personally found Ambit 2 some uncomfortable so I move to Garmin 620 platform. But I keep all my data at sporttracks.mobi now.

Updated 2014/1/1:

A new v0.0.4 version released with the following new features, check it out at the above release link!

  • Support Quest and Ambit 2
  • Support Windows and Mac
  • Support GPS track conversion

Updated 2014/5/29:

Nike has closed the legacy login URL(which I used in my application). Now they accept OAuth request only. It’s a good move towards better security. But they currently only open the OAuth API to the partners. So this application now stops working and cannot be fixed until Nike opens the API to individual developers.

Updated 2014/8/27:

I’ve updated the app to support the latest Nike login API and new .sml file format. Please download the latest version (v0.2.1 now) from the above release link.

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